Corporate Staff

  • Joyce Terbovich

    Joyce Terbovich is not only a Certified Public Accountant, but she has more than thirty years experience in dealing with audits, federal and state taxes, and the preparation of financial statements. Her previous experience at Deloitte and Touche and KPMG, coupled with her experience as Treasurer for the City of Lake Quivera, provide Orion with solid and reputable knowledge of accounting practices when dealing with governmental agencies.
  • Shauna Bajich

    Shauna Bajich, a graduate of Kansas University, is currently working toward another degree with aspirations of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. An avid golfer, Shauna also understands the business side of the game and what goes on behind the scenes. Ms. Bajich assists Orion with its banking, accounts payable and accounts receivable needs. She also works to produce monthly and year-end financial statements.
  • Howard Huggins

    Howard Huggins joined Orion and brought with him a wealth of administration, human resource and accounting knowledge to the Company. As a former retail business owner with several locations, Howard understands the complexities of growing a retail based business. Howard works with several of Orion’s locations to streamline all elements of financial reporting, payroll, and governmental correspondence.

Our Management Team and Employees

The most important part of our team is also the most crucial element to the success of your facility, the management team. Employees make the difference in any business; often times for the customer they are the deciding factor when purchasing a good or service. The management team is our first priority at Orion. We accomplish this by placing the right people in the right positions, creating an immediate win-win situation at the facility. Outlining job descriptions and expectations, following through with a review process, rewarding outstanding behavior and treating each employee with the respect they deserve. Couple this with a safe and happy work place and employees will go to great lengths to provide superior customer service. If the employees are happy and taking good care of the customers, the bottom line will reflect this in a positive way. Our management team and employees are, and always will be, the most valuable resource of our organization.